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Men's Services.

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Men's Skincare Services in Scottsdale, AZ

The Best Five Skincare Treatments for Men Scottdale

To all of the men here in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona...this weather can be very harsh on your skin. Whether you are a golfer, swimmer, hiker, or just an outdoor enthusiast, chances are, you're not taking the proper steps to prevent damage or to maintain your youth. These days many men are up on their skin knowledge and it is time for you to be as well! There are many easy treatments that men can do for improvement with anti-aging, acne, sun damage and more. Its time to start taking care of you too! Here is a list of top 5 skincare treatments (in no particular order) for men to keep the effects of aging at bay!

Hair Restoration

One of the most requested services for men is for the treatment of thinning hair, aka "androgenetic alopecia." Hair Restoration at Face Lounge Aesthetics consists of 6-10 in clinic treatments spaced 2 weeks apart. This service is performed using medical micro-needling and high quality growth factors derived from bone marrow stem cells, specifically geared towards hair restoration.  Additionally, a professional at home treatment is given to apply topical daily solution in order to saturate protein molecules on a continuous which enhances long term results. Specific supplementation is also recommended for this procedure.


Men's Hair Restoration Scottsdale



PRX-T33 is hands down one of the best treatments for men. This treatment can take off years of pigment (sun Damage), correcting fine lines and wrinkles plus so much more. This treatment is considered a biostimulator that restores collagen and elastin in the skin. The is NO downtime, NO pain, and BIG results as well well as as 20-30 minute treatment duration. Face Lounge Aesthetics loves this treatment for men because it can be used on any skin type and is perfect for men who still like to enjoy their time outdoors in this Arizona weather! A series of 6 is typically recommended spaced 1-2 weeks apart.


Men's PRX-T33 Scottsdale


OxyGeneo   Facial

Exfoliate! OxyGenate! Infuse! This no downtime, relaxing treatment is great for men who wish to oxygenate the skin for a more awake and refreshed, and smooth look. Choose from 4 different options of treatment depending on what your skin is thirsty for! Options for this treatment consist of: 

  1. Revive (Anti-Aging)

  2. Hydrate (dry/dehydrated)

  3. Balance (acne/oily)

  4. Illuminate (brightening)

  5. Detox (environmental damage)

Men's GLO2 Facial Scottsdale

Exceed   Microneedling

Microneedling is a highly effective way to rejuvenate the skin for those men who want big results but are okay with a tiny bit of downtime. Microneedling can help with just about any skin condition from anti-aging to acne to brightening, etc. This treatment can be even more beneficial when combined with treatments like Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, PRX-T33 and a few select additional treatments. Exceed Medical Microneedling is a dually indicated device, FDA cleared to treat scarring and fine lines & wrinkles.


Men's Microneedling Scottsdale


Diamond Peel & Facial

Men work hard, but when do they take time for self care? Diamond Peel + Facial is an effective way to exfoliate and then relaxing with a custom mask and facial massage. This treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and able to put your best face forward!

Men's Diamond Peel Facial Scottsdale
Men's Scottsdale Med Spa
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